Russian Library in Lloret de Mar It’s a fact today, we hardly find time to read. We shouldn’t blame the grueling pace of modern life, but more the lack of availability or accessibility of books in their native language. We have to admit that there is not enough of the Russian-language literature in Spain. There are shops where you can buy books in Russian, but their choice is often limited to a set of fiction and harlequin novels, while e-books, despite their availability, don’t appeal to everyone. You can’t glimpse through such a book, and also staring at the screen is bad for your eyes.
The Association «Russian House in Catalonia» in co-operation with a travel agency “Novovira” took the responsibility to resolve the immediate situation. On the 22nd of August 2011, the inauguration of the first Russian library in Spain took place on the premises of the «Russian House» in Lloret de Mar. The following facts prove the importance of the event: the ceremony was attended by representatives of the Town Hall, as well as more than a hundred Russian-speaking and Spanish-speaking residents, who arrived to Lloret de Mar from Barcelona and the nearest towns.
Most of the collection displayed in the building of the Association is its own private collection which is a free gift to the library members. The other part was purchased from the Russian bookstore in the name of Ilia Barkov. At the present moment there are about a thousand books covering all genres, from children's fairy tales and poetry to historical volumes and best international bestsellers. Students of Spanish and Catalan languages ​​will find all the necessary literature here and travelers will enjoy the extensive collection of guides to all the countries of the world. It is essential that the library does not restrict the user in terms of the return of literature and allows you to get three books at the same time.
Of course this is not a complete list of the literature. The library fund is being constantly updated with books donated by members. Many of whom are just tourists who arrive in Spain for a few weeks and wished to leave the books as a gift to the library fund.
The principle of operation is simple and efficient - all service is carried out with a deposit. Willing to use the library, a resident fills out a special form and leaving a deposit of 50 Euros, he/she can borrow up to three books. After he/she returns the books to the library, the deposit is given back.
If you take out a new book you need to be a member in the Association «Russian House in Catalonia», otherwise the “second-hand” volume scheme is even easier. A member leaves a deposit of one euro and its own, already read book as a guarantee of economic security and the on-time return. Project organisers have taken care not only of the functionality, but also of the library convenience. On the premises of the «Russian House» there is its own reading hall, where in a relaxed atmosphere, you can plunge into the wonderful world of the book, and the library staff will help readers to choose appropriate art works or required thematic materials.