Closing of the film festival The World of Travel 2012 The final stage of the festival took place on Saturday, 6 July on the premises of “Russian Dom (House)”. The members of the Jury and town officials gathered together to award the winners. On the Jury: the President of the association “Russian Dom (House) in Catalonia” Vera Novoselova, an actor of stage and screen Alexander Gvozdev, the representatives of the film studio “Lennauchfilm”, a Catalan film director Josep Bernat and art historian Salomé Rekas. Those present winners received letters of commendation and prizes from the deputy mayor of Lloret de Mar and art coordinator Ignasi Riera.
It should be noted that some of participants (who were attending the festival earlier) could not stay up to the end of the festival. However, their names were announced and they will be awarded in the short term.
Special prizes were given to Igor Krupnov for a piece of work “Dance academy Alira”, Ivan Mikhailoskiy for satiric short film loosely based on a short story by Anton Chekhov “Two Journalists” and Algis Arlauskas for a historical film “The Party”. The travel agency “Anbosta” with the film “Batumi 2012” won the nomination “Propaganda of travel”. Lithuanian film director Dali Rust became a laureate in the category “Environmental protection”.
The following winners in the nomination "Short films" were announced: the tourist organisation "Tourism of Barcelona" for tourist promotion of a striking film "Some Reasons to Visit Barcelona" and a slideshow "The Argentinean tango” presented by FotofilmCalella Association for successful photographic composition.
The film "Outside Focus" (Gardarika PK) was awarded the third prize in the category of short films. In the same nomination Subarna Thapa French-Nepalese film director was awarded the second prize for a film "Funérailles".
The laureate of the first award was Mikhail Kozhukhov with the reportage on Valencia from the series "Far and Further Away".
Also the documentary film "Ladoga - the Unknown Lake" made by the studio of popular scientific, documentary, feature and corporate films "Lennauchfilm" in the category "Popular Science and Educational Cinema" in the nomination "For Interest and Tourism Promotion in Spain" won an award. The French documentary film made by Uriel Jaouen Zrehen received the main award in the category of short films for the work of "Ouaga et Mélodie". The first award in the nomination "Ethnotourism Promotion" was given to the director of travel agency "Feeriya", the creator and the anchorman of "Extravaganza of travel" Igor Zakharenko for the documentary film "Vashkovtsi. Malanka".
Special prize from the producer of high-quality alcohol, the ALVISA company (Socuéllamos. Castilla-La Mancha) went to Julia Bentsal for the video "How wine is produced" and the story about the smallest family business of wine-makers in Catalonia.
The Grand Prix of the first film festival "The World of Travel" was received by a Catalan director Josep Bernat, for his contribution to the protection and development of historical heritage of the region for the following films:"Butterflies", "Travel to Nice" and "Modernist Lloret". This winning led Mr. Bernat to the VII International Festival of Educational Films "The World of Knowledge" organised by a film studio: Lennauchfilm”. The event will take place in St. Petersburg from the 24th to the 30th of October. The participation in the festival will give a great opportunity to acquaint Russian audiences with historical, architectural and natural heritage of Catalonia. "The Russian Dom (House) in Catalonia Association” acted as organiser of the trip.