In contrast to last year's event this year's festival of documentary touristic films "The World of Travel" which was held in Lloret de Mar for the second time has grown significantly. In total the programme contained 190 films from 19 countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Japan and Spain. The competition was widely covered by Russian and Spanish media.
The Film Festival was opened by the General Consul of Ukraine Oleksandr Khripunov in Barcelona, ​​ the Mayor’s Counsellor on tourism of Lloret de Mar Jordi Orobitg and the Mayor’s Counsellor on Culture of Lloret de Mar Arceny Frigola.
The Grand Prix holder of the festival was a Catalan film director Joan Riedweg «2.304.000 steps». The last year’s prize-winner Catalan director Josep Bernat received a special Prize for the film «Catalonia and Russia» (Catalunya i Rússia) which was not in the competitive program.
The special prize of the festival for the slide show "Welcome to Kiev - the capital of Ukraine" was given to Oleg Nikitenko (Ukraine). The award "for expressiveness"  was given to the film "Journey around Rasskazovskiy krai" by Marina Yeliutina (Russia) who was able to convey to the audience the beauty of her native land. Igor Krupnov (Ukraine) who was representing Catalonia and  Lloret de Mar at the festival won first prize for a slide-film "Alira / Dancer".
Special prize for "Supporting Tourism" was awarded to David Mendes from Portugal for the motion picture "Magical moments". The first and second prize for "Supporting Culture" was given to Elena Gorozhankina from Minsk for the film "Spain" and Brazilian Christina Amaro for the film «Imagens De Marca Travel Brands». Diplomas  for "Supporting Tourism" were given to the work «Berlín Este-2" by Igor Zakharenko (Ukraine) and for "The promotion of active holidays" to the film «Japan: A Skier's Journey» by Jordan Manleya (Japan).
In the "Short Films" nomination, the winner of the First Prize was the Ukrainian film "Journey to the Iron Birds," in which the director and screenwriter Marina Grishay succinctly tells a short story about a long-lasting friendship. The special award for creativity was given to the picture "God in a hand" by Natalia Bulba and Anatoly Zhamoido from Kharkiv (Ukraine), "From Lloret to Nice" by Catalan filmmaker Pere Mas in the category «Travelling»; «Dodge Sisters» by the Russian studio «Gardarika PK» for the best short film made in the genre of comics.
The first prize in the category "Best Historical Film" in the nomination "Documentary cinema" was awarded to the joint work "The Last Maestro - ship carpenter" of documentary film makers Raul Busquets and Olga Patsula (Catalonia) . The first prize in the category "Travel cinema" was given to Andrew Miskiv from Ukraine for the film «Hitchhiking around Maui». The film"Onego Time" by Russian director Andrei Pavlenko who represented the Center "Lennauchfilm " at the National Film Festival won the first prize in the category "Film- exploration". Pavel Medvedev (Russia ) was the holder of a diploma for best screenplay and best director due to the film "... after the Byzantine Empire" which was filmed in Russia, Turkey, Syria and Serbia. The film is about the modern world which forgot the importance of Byzantine civilization, which played a significant role in culture formation of many European nations.
The jury member Oleksandra Mykolyshyna, the International Project Manager of the National Cinema Fund of Alexander Dovzhenko, brought a retrospective film screening of the great masters of cinema, including works of Sergei Iosifovich Parajanov, Kira Muratova and Dzig Vertov to the Days of Ukrainian cinema which took place during the festival.
Among the honourable guests and members of the jury were the president of the International Film Festival in Girona «Festival de cinema en Girona» Lluis Valenti; president of the International Film Festival in Calella «Foto Film cinema» Pere Mas; former vice-consul of Spain in Benin, researcher and author Roberto Lorens. Permanent honourable member of the jury was the president of the Cultural Association "Russian House in Catalonia" and president of the Foundation of Art Development «Novovira Art» Vera Novoselova.
It is noteworthy that the award ceremony of the festival "Russia - Europe Young" and "The World of Travel" was held on the 27th of September which is International Tourism Day. The award ceremony was attended by the Mayor’s Counsellor on Culture of the town Arceny Frigola.