Today touristic films are as popular as ever:  crossing borders is easier every year, language barriers are broken down in front of our very eyes and it’s possible to make kilometres film about any attraction of any country.
Last year’s 1st International Festival of Touristic Films "The World of Travel" showed the need for the development of this cinematic direction. The first festival was held with the participation of guests from Ukraine, Lithuania, Catalonia, France and other countries. The Russian side was represented by the works of Mikhail Kozhuhov and the studio of popular science, documentary, feature and corporate films "Lennauchfilm". Cooperation with "Lennauchfilm" allowed them to show a motion picture – the winner in the VII International Festival of popular films "The World of Knowledge" in St. Petersburg (Russia).
This year the festival starts on the 21st of September. The first event is a press conference which starts at 20.00. Following this will be a cocktail bar and presentation of the film "Russia - Catalonia" from the winner of last year's festival by Catalan filmmaker Josep Bernat.
The next day of the contest will open with "The Days of Ukrainian Cinema", which will present a screening of a famous experimental film "Man with a Film Camera" (1929) by a theoretician of documentary cinema Dziga Vertov. The screening will take place accompanied by a chamber quartet of Kiev.
The awards ceremony, cocktail parties and screenings of festival film-winners are dedicated to the International Day of Tourism, which is celebrated by professional travellers on the 27th of September. The event starts at 20.00 in the hall of the 5* Gran Hotel Monterrey.
For eight days in Lloret de Mar there will be “Days” of the participating countries (Catalonia, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan). Recitals and meetings will take place where guests will be able to share their experiences and knowledge. The festival guests will get more impressions during the cultural programme which includes excursions, visits to the museum "Cat’s House", famous gardens of Santa Clotilde and tasting of local delicacies.
In the contest there will be more than 200 pieces of work from 17 countries. Screenings will be held during the week in the building of the Association "Russian House in Catalonia" and in the Cultural Centre of Lloret de Mar.