Street Cinema Festival. 5, 6th of September (Lloret de Mar)

Having travelled a long way from Vladivostok to Europe and won millions of people’s hearts, the 2nd International Street Cinema Festival is on its way to Lisbon. Another stop on the route to Portugal is the Costa Brava - the picturesque town of Lloret de Mar, in the middle of mellow season on the 5 and 6th  of September at 21:00, will held a free of charge film screening. The event, which is supported by the Association Russkiy Dom in Catalonia, the Art Foundation Novovira Art and the Town Hall of Lloret de Mar, will take place at the site of Punta Marinera, in the open air.

The festival program includes 10 of the best short films made by young and talented directors from seven European countries. This festival differs from all other events in film land, because the spectators themselves become members of the jury. The organisers give every guest the opportunity to choose their favourite film by lifting up a light of their mobile phone or headphones. Some special devices measure the light and count votes, and thus the finalists will be chosen in each venue. And the winner of the festival, of course, will be the best of the best.

On the shores of the Mediterranean, under the stary sky film goers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the competition film by such directors as Yves-Dominique Franck, Enrico Nocera, Ilya Chizhikov and Byilov Vasiliy. The film creators touch upon intriguing theme of family vicissitudes, finding yourself and punishment... The program includes a fascinating short film with self-explanatory title Eat and lose weightby Jury Hatchadurov and amazing story by Nuzhniy called Petuh, which tells the story of the reincarnation of the heroine’s dead lover. All films will be screened in their original language with subtitles. Do not miss a chance to visit the 2nd International Street Cinema Festival, enjoy the works of young filmmakers and leave your own mark in the history of cinema – the admission is free!

Film list

France, “Carpe Diem”
Synopsis: Marco, Italian guy, arrives in Paris to find a job. Searching turns out to be not easy and for Marco the situation complicates. What to do? He decides to seize the moment and thanks to a good measure of luck he’ll succeed to get by. But, what's the price?
Directed by: Enrico Nocera
Duration: 11 mn
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Social
Produced in: February 2015

Belgium, Luxembourg “La Moniale”
Synopsis: Four years that Emma has broken all links with her mother, with George, with the rural world. Today, at the head of department of a bank, she lives cloistered inside of it. His mother, melancholic, gradually abandons the farm in which Emma got actively involved. And that, Emma, will not accept it.
Directed by: Yves-DominiqueFranck
Duration: 15 mn
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Produced in: December 2014

Poland, “Father”
Synopsis: A young Belgian with polish roots goes to Poland in search of his father that he barely knows. On this journey the young man imagines the life he could have had and the life he might have in the future with his father; thus breaking the boundaries between reality and fantasy.
Directed by: Alexandre Gilmet
Duration: 10 mn
Genres: Comedy, Social
Produced in: June 2014

Portugal, “Carriage”
Sharing the space and the enforced intimacy of a subway carriage, several passengers wait for their destiny. The discomfort of the eye contact and the sequence of events featuring each character will reveal that the refuge of any subway carriage is, sometimes, only illusory.
Directed by: Joao Vasco.
Duration: 10 mn
Genres: Comedy, Social
Produced in: November 2014

Germany, “Eat and lose weight”
Synopsis: Hoping to lose weight before the arrival of her husband from a trip, she buys CDs with hashtag “Eat and lose weight”. To her surprise, the scales show that she actually loses weight.
Directed by: Jury Hatchadurov
Duration: 3 mn
Genres: Comedy
Produced in: 2015.

Russian Federation, “Petuh”
Synopsis: After the death of his lover, Anya has no reason to live. Suddenly she comes across a rooster who is a spitting image of her late lover. She decides to build a serious romantic relationship with the rooster in spite of everything and everyone being against it.
Directed by: Alexey Nuzhniy
Duration: 20mn
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Produced in: 2015.

Spain, “Procrastinator”
Synopsis: Amazing and sad story of the "professional " procrastinator Mito.
Directed by: Marta Rodrigez-Alarcon
Duration: 14 mn
Genres: Comedy
Produced in: 2014

France, “The Anclet”
Synopsis: A tactless man recites his love declaration at the top of a mountain : "I did hesitate, but I chose you...".
Directed by: Guillaume Levil.
Duration: 11mn
Genres: Drama
Produced in: 2014

Russian Federation, “Outcomer”
Synopsis: Hapless graphomaniac finds a strange man near his typewriter. Invader tells that he came from the Future and that graphomaniac will soon write the greatest book in the history.
Directed by: Ilya Chizhikov.
Duration: 20mn
Genres: Comedy
Produced in: 2014

Russian Federation, “Nemesis”
Synopsis:Successful office worker is captured by bandits because of a misdemeanor of his wife. Any offense should always be punished. Or not?
Directed by: Byilov Vasiliy.
Duration: 20mn
Genres: Drama
Produced in: 2014